The first poster on the original site summed up my read on this right away: From the site.>>
"E.G. 15 hours ago −
So, what if a news outlet picked up the color photograph but ran it in a BW section of their newspaper? Is that a problem?
Or what if it gets printed in color by some print outlet, but their calibration is off?
In either case, the main story is still the main story. Why? Because in this case, none of the vital points of the image were altered. No faces were added or subtracted. Nothing nefarious of that sort. The color/tone/etc. of the image has nothing to do with the message of the image here. It might in other cases, but not for this photograph."

I don't have a problem with what was shown... and I have encountered bad drumscanning/color adjustment of transparencies back in my analog photojournalist days. We applied a lot of "hand of God" in the darkroom printing B+W negatives to emphasize a subject and never called out... The 'Best of Photojournalism" books published by the NPPA from 1970 to the dawn of the digital age is full of prints with the "Hand of God" embelishments.