An artist statement, bio and current photo is very important for artists wanting to exhibit their work, You will be asked each time to provide this info no matter what gallery you choose or chooses you.

I found it very difficult to talk about my work , so I basically wrote out a very rough idea of what my work is about, plus I made a portfolio of prints and gave both to a competent writer, who then interviewed me and my wife and prepared the two documents, which are much better than anything I could imagine writing.
I feel competent making images and print, but defer to an expert to write about my work.

I have found that every gallery I approach wants to see three things, Bio, Artist Statement, and web selection with descriptions and basic pricing of work.
They will not consider accepting printed portfolios until they have seen these basic things. I was pissed with this as I feel the web images do not represent the final quality that the
portfolio prints represent , but I have learned to get over that.
Most gallery's have strict rules on submitting work therefore having a good (artist package) prepared in advance is important.