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Hi Charles,

Yes I completely agree with you and the post you referred to that good highlight detail is always going to be an issue with carbon and con-tone negs. I have found however that it is possible to make the problem even worse if the receiving substrate is not well sized. The problem can also be worse if very high sugar concentrations are used in the glop; the gelatine layer is almost 'softer' then and more prone to washing away in development. I have also had more issues with thin, highly pigmented tissue, rather than thick tissues with low pigment concentrations, I have assumed being due to less gelatine being needed for the highly-pigmented case and so the highlight layer is very thin.

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I was just thinking about that. So if instead of using B&S's tissue (which is great to start with, but thin and very concentrated in pigment AFAIK) I made my own glop, thicker and with less pigment, would that help?

The fact is that my highlights are REALLY bad sometimes, so I cannot really blame it completely on the tissue. I can't imagine B&S selling a tissue which yields such bad results for reasonably processed prints.

But, trying to rule out all other factors, I tried acidic mating bath, double hardened substrate gelatin, even fixed out silver photo paper. The highlights are still being washed off. So I will try brewing my own glop next.