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So I tested again the quickly washed FB print with the HT2, a few meter from a 60W incandescent wall light. And again, after 5 minutes, I got no stains, or barely visible one !
Then, I done the same test using another FB paper (Adox Vario Classic), with a quickly washed print : I got more visible stains, but I have to go under a brighter light to see them without hesitation. I am confused again

I presume I had storage problem with the HT2 bottle, but I find it rather strange, as there is no visible alteration on the test solution (clear, transparent color).

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Ok, this is Silver Nitrate in Acetic acid. It tests for retained hypo. It forms a brownish red stain in the presence of hypo and Silver complexes which cannot be seen in red light. The Kodak instructions that I have are not specific to wet or dry. They are vague. They are vague also as to the lighting conditions. I have several sets of documents though so I'll look more.
I find this vagueness rather surprising considering the subject importance ! Especially after reading the extensive "Washing Film - Best Environmentally Friendly..."thread on the matter.

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