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university darkroom with more than one enlarger...maybe 8 or so. I do not think I have a safelight fitler, not sure what that is. I assume that is some sort of filter that protects the paper from exposure? I do not have one of those but I can probably check with some of the instructors, they might have some at their studios tthat I may be able to borrow but I am unsure.
hi ... again

if you have access to a few enlargers at your disposal it makes things easy

set every enlarger up with a negative in it ...
and project the negative on a clean sheet of paper and focus it so everything is the same
scale from one enlarger to the next ...
make your initial exposure and dodge out everything but the arms ...
and then move the paper to the next enlarger and burn in the arms
and dodge the rest ... all the way until you finish all your negatives ...
you don't need to make masks just dodge out everything but the arms you
want to print ...
practice with your hands making a hole that looks like the arms you want to print
and do each arm separately ... and in the end burn in the whole print a little bit to even
out the background and whatever stray light might have projected on the print.

it might take a bit of practice and a few sheets of paper , but it is do-able ...
if you end up getting frustrated, you could always make all 5 prints separate -
and make a collage, and rephotograph it on 1 negative and print that .. water colors and paints
on the print can help blend the applied images and if lit straight on, and not from the side you
won't see lots of edges ...

another, probably more time consuming way to do this, is to photograph all over again, but use a black background with
cuts in the fabric and have arms sticking out of it behind where the body will be ( the subjects arms? someone else's arms? )
and then a photograph of what will be the background.
being a black dark background it will be clear on the film so you can sandwich the background behind the first - armed negative.
painting with light might be an option, so you have your subject stand there, and arms behind her all moving, and you use a flashlight
to light your subject and arms, with the camera on bulb for all the exposure ... and maybe at the end
a dim flash to stop the moving hands in the midst of all the movement ..
sounds like a PITA but it might do the trick.

unfortunately the only thing coffee might be good for here, is to drink ...