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There's a reason even used apo's sell for a premium and get snatched up fast. You web junkies can form
an opinion any way you wish.
Web junkies?! I would think a "web junkie" would be someone who makes an expensive purchase based on the opinion of one poster while ignoring all the other posters who are saying the exact opposite and a published report. This very forum is littered with posts from numerous people that are somewhat cool on the whole APO thing. Should we ignore them in favor of you? If so why?

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And it isn't marketing hype ... never was.
How can anyone be so emphatic that "APO" was NEVER used as a marketing tool?! I have seen amazing Zeiss surgical scopes. I can only imagine how much they cost. I've seen neurosurgery done with them. I personally own some Zeiss lenses for my medium format camera. I find them to be acceptably sharp. My camera phone has a Zeiss lens on it... I believe Zeiss engages in marketing hype sometimes.

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The other thing is that many apo lens designs had
well-known industrial and graphics applications all along, that ordinary photographers simply aren't aware of. And they're still being made for high-end industrial applications, though often in fixed aperture.
I am not sure what this has to do with us buying 50mm and 80mm enlarger lenses. I'm sure there are fine products with APO stamped on them in use all over the planet. That does not mean "APO"=substantially better 100% of the time. You should read page 81 of the e-book that was posted. The author doesn't sound like he is talking out of his rear end.

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In fact, apo lenses suffered as badly from longitudinal color as non-apo ones. The sole exception is the now-discontinued Apo El-Nikkor, which is a true apochromat. If you need the ultimate in color correction, this lens provides it, but it costs thousands of dollars, assuming you can find one!
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If you want high-quality relatively affordably, Apo Nikkors are quite common, and will
beat the pants off most ordinary enlarging lenses, if you can work at f/11 with relatively large film.
Mighty big "if," DREW. Most of us don't shoot large format film. We just want a way to make prints from the 35mm and medium format negatives we already own. I am not discounting what you are saying. I'm just really not sure how applicable a lot of that is to the average hobbyist. Photography is not my vocation. I set up a basic B&W darkroom with two enlargers for about $250... including mint modern large aperture Nikkor and Componon-S lenses. The recession is over but money is still tight. Spending $250 to set up a darkroom was a luxury. Spending substantially more on a single lens ain't gonna happen any time soon.

I appreciate you posting and it makes me want to check out APO lenses for myself at some stage but not right now.