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I recently got a free Vivitar VI enlarger, but the power supply is broke. (Turned it on, got some sparks, then smoke, then nothing...) and I'm trying to replace it. The output is rated at 18.44VAC and 4.5A (ust over 80W).

One idea I had was a laptop power supply.
Check your local market for enlargers. I'll put it to you this way. I needed a particular size negative carrier for my enlarger. All the nice modern mint condition ones were going for about $50. I just bought a newer enlarger which had multiple carriers covering the sizes of interest for a little over $30. It's perverse but I'm noticing just going out and buying entire enlargers is cheaper than buying even relatively simple parts. Your local market may vary, but I would encourage you to search Craigslist. Even if you have to drive a bit it's got to be better than risking your money and life tinkering with suspect electronics.