Vpwphoto: I know it may have come across as cold, maybe it is, but it was in reference to the never ending war and famine and tragedy journalism, that is praised, while the actual people in the shot don't receive aquat. The photo doesn't make any difference, other than to the photographer taking it, before he was able to leave the place.

I've served in the UN and been foot-on-ground protecting civilians (contrary to killing people to win their hearts and minds) in a war zone, so I actually do have a lot of empathy for victims of war and terror. But as far as i am concerned, only one war photo ever made a difference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phan_Thi_Kim_Phuc the photographer sure didn't make that with a silly competition in the back of his mind.

We're force-fed tragedy every day, we are no longer moved by what we see, we are numbed.
If the Vietnam photo was made today in Palestine, then imo no one would care.

The whole genera is thus filled with chlicès, again IMO