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Today would have been Ansel Adams 111th birthday. I think he is even more relevant today than ever. He has managed to live a full life during which he focused on what mattered to him, while avoiding the entrapments of wealth, and staying away from poverty. There is much one can learn from his example, and I have just written a short blog post, http://rafal.net/?p=1463, as a way of saying a "thank you" to this amazing man.

Happy Birthday, Ansel!
Rafal, you must have been well off at some point in your life for you to view wealth as an entrapment, I agree Ansel was a great photographer and created amazing prints, but to say he avoided wealth is like saying man avoids food and sex, yes there are monks who abstain from such things for periods of time, but I just think in the real world, anyone who came up poor would never make a statement like this, I grew up poor and I'm still poor, I don't NEED to be wealthy beyond my dreams, but I certainly would like to be able to live comfortably, wealthy would be wonderful to me, I dream of wealth, because it's very hard to be inspired and to persevere when you have nothing...