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not with a camera ...

depending on where you stand your camera sees a different truth

it all creates a reality dictated by the camera's operator ...

some are little white lies that no one cares about ( black and white instead of color )
some well ... they distort reality to be something completely different .. ( location, lens and other photographer's tools )
Regardless the technical espect (B&W, color, muted, toned, you name it), a picture make little sense to describe the real (or truth if you prefer). It is always a re-presentation which mean that the photographer is always betwen you and the real: the way the picture is framed, the choosen perspective, the exact moment the picture was taken are not at random. The photographer wants to share with you how he sees the scene which is a translation (the photographer's translation) of the real. So, different photographers means different "truths".

Aske 2 people to shoot a similar event, a family gathering fo instance and then compare the prints. Depending on how each photographer translates (filters) what he sees, I would not be surprized if results were pretty different. Who is right and who is wrong, where is the truth?