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Hey this is my first post. I've spent countless time going over and the information and knowledge I've received has been invaluable!
I'm building a darkroom and it's on its way to being complete very soon.
My question is where should I place the enlarger? It's a Super Chromega C Dichroic on a C-67. The ceiling height is about 8-9 feet from my estimate. I was thinking of just putting it on the floor to reduce possible vibration.
Another possibility is hooking it up to the wall. My only reservation about that is that there doesn't seem to be a concrete wall immeadietly behind the drywall, so I've been thinking it may not be well secured.
My last possibility is putting it on a little fridge to act as a desk. I could store film and paper in here so that is a plus.
Thanks for all your help and if you need any other information just ask!
I think you will find vibrations evident if you place it on a fridge. On the floor will be difficult for your back. The wall might be too permanent for a 'first darkroom.' How about a counter like this from Home Depot: