Patches are white = 90.7%, grays = 25.5%, 22.7%, 20.2%, 18%, 16%, 14.3%, 12.7% and black = 3.6%

The low flare marks are all just marked on the curve at the densities they measure. They don't magically coincide with the curve. I expected LogE displacement from nominal, and there is some, but I was surprised how closely the marks fall in line. The reason I say I can't measure flare on the low flare exposure, is that it spans more than the nominal 1.4 on the LogE axis (gives me about -.02 flare which is illogical).

I THINK the flare may be hiding. It is possible that in reality I get a higher real CI at the section of film with test targets. With measured CI 0.63 coming from a section of film near the end. If the local CI where the test target is shot is more than the measured CI 0.63, then the actual LogE span of the low flare target test COULD be less than 1.4 LogE. And THAT would be my real low flare measure. There's no missing the fact that the ESII has low flare, the density of 0.07 is not what you would get with my usually accepted flare factor of 0.4

The high flare marks aligned at the high density so their Nominal LogE would be directly above each of the low flare marks. So I merely marked their actual densities.