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Thank you Roger and Rawhead,

Thanks for all help and advice. To update; I recently went to my photo finisher around the corner from me and was told they will no longer handle my 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" negs anymore....so, I went to my other option on the other end of town and dropped off my 12 sheets to them from my magbag. Their fee is 4.50 per sheet. They are a great shop that is keeping film alive, but I realized I definitely do not want to be spending that amount for every sheet. The counter person understood my dilemma and as many people have advised, he showed me a Patterson tank with an adjustable frame that I can load my sheets into for developing. For $40 it seems like the obvious way to go. Before I purchase it, I just wanted to see if that is a good standard tank that most people use or should I be considering another brand? Also, I am following Rawhead's advice and looking out for an old beater RB that I can scavenge the 4 x 5 rotating back off of to install on the smaller Graflex, but for now, I want to give developing it myself a try. Here is the last photo I took with the RB series B 4 x 5; these cameras are really a hoot!
A Patterson tank with an adjustable frame for 3.25x4.25??
News to me.

I use the Patterson System 4 tank with handmade nylon screen tubes that you fit the film in (Emulsion to the inside). You get 4 or 5 tubes per load. Develop just like 135 film. The other solution is with fluorescent tube protectors cut to length, but then you have an additional step of washing the anti-halation film off the back when you are finished processing.

Good luck. You will find processing your own give infinitely more control over your whole process.

tim in san jose