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My opinion is a bit biased, having lived in Hong Kong all my life…:

In colour, it wouldn't look very different. For example, that last photo: The sign would be red, the lights yellow (with red shades), the meat would be red, the aprons white.
I'd beg to differ - as Edward Weston once put it, "You can say things in color that you can't say in black-and-white". If nothing else, the emotive value of the scene would be radically different, as would the graphical quality. Black-and-white tends to abstract things into line, form and texture (not that you can't have those things in abundance in color also). Color can take things that have very little contrast when rendered black-and-white (say a deep yellow and a bright blue) and make them pop with very strong contrast from the colors themselves. I know HK streets have LOTS of color on them, especially the shopping streets like the ones posted in this thread.