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I was just alerted to this thread! Thank you! That is a very kind gesture, my friend. And congrats on the sale! This is one of my favorite shots to come from Photostock outings. It is absolutely beautiful in real life.

Thank you again! We are well on the way and I am grateful for any and all help. This is going to be a really cool place for what we do. If we can get through this successfully, I plan to have the building up by this year's event and ready for a full schedule of workshops in 2014. You should see some of the people we have lined up and waiting to teach there!
Hey Bill,

I'm just glad to be able to help with paying for a couple of 2by4s for the project. I love people that have vision that goes beyond themselves, and try to create something that benefits more than themselves.

Can't wait to see the place, and to see what activities come out of the new facility. I might even be able to schlepp myself over to Michigan to participate some time.

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Will there be beer?
With 101% certainty there will. Be fun if you could come down to Cross Village and hang out this summer, Dinesh.

- Thomas