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I kept films with me. Ofcourse there's always security scan, but it should be safe up to iso 1600.
My tmy2 sheets are fine, like fomapan 200, ektar 100 and e100g also. Even velvia 100f quick loads (expired) are fine.
Only those acros quick loads has problems.

I really like quick loads and acros, but this is (or was, as I have developed almost all sheets) a bit alerting.
Well I know they SAY it SHOULD be fine, yet when I did my kodachrome trip in 2010 the K64 film that went through the x-ray machine had a noticeable fog layer vs the stuff that didn't, and the one IN my camera had some very strange banding lines, but only on the roll that was in the camera at the time, so perhaps this quick load was already loaded in the holder making it more susceptible? Just a thought. Anyway hope Ilford can explain it.