Whoa a lot of information and it is a little difficult for me to digest and I was a little put off because a lot of it is irrelavant.

I am simply asking questions to understand the camera. Most of this thread seems to be centralized about me wanting to shoot 645: I was simply asking. A 645 back exists and doesn't rotate. Cool.

I am somewhat aware of the Rolleiflex SLRs and in what it offers. I do think that they are the better camera, in some ways, but I'm not looking for something innovative or cutting edge, but a reliable, easy-to-find, and not-too-large box camera, that does simple things.

But the main reason why I'm discouraged about the Rolleflex SLR is it's availability.

On keh.com,
I go to the Hasselblad section and this is what they have: 44 bodies, 82 lenses, and 20 backs.
I go to the Rolleiflex section and this is what they have: 0 bodies, 3 lenses, and 1 back (polaroid).

If a Hasselblad works, then I see no reason to go for a rolleiflex unless it had something that the hasselblad didn't have that I wanted. I know it has some (limited) movements, bellows, and now I know that it has rotatable backs but I do not need these. I would appreciate them but it just isn't necessary.