Do you have a digital projector? If so, bring it to illustrate the principle of the enlarger...

  • The enlarger has a light source, like the projector.
  • The image sensor in the projector is like the negative in the enlarger.
  • The lens of the projector creates an image on the wall; the enlarger creates on image on the baseboard easel.
  • If you move the projector farther from the wall, the image gets bigger; if you move the enlarger farther from the baseboard, the image gets bigger...this is how we control the magnification/size of the image being printed.
  • We use the cropping tool of Photoshop to make an image of a small section of the entire frame; we put a small easel under the large image projected on the baseboard, to make a print of a small crop of the entire frame.
  • We select glossy or matte paper to print an image in a digital printer; we select different paper surfaces for the darkroom print, too.
  • We control contrast via digital postprocessing; we control print contrast mostly using different contrast grades of B&W print paper
  • We control brightness via digital postprocessing; we control print brightness via the enlarger lens aperture and via the length of time that we expose the paper to the projected image