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Ken & Matt
You guys did it to me.
I'm buying a 2nd turret from Collin.
It's all your fault ;-)
I had a Nikon N-75 with a 28mm to 300mm zoom lens. I was happy.

Then I joined APUG.
I inherited a Mamiya C330 with three lenses.
Sold the Mamiya C330 with three lenses and bought a Hasselblad 503CX with one lens.
Then a 45 prism.
Then three more lenses.
Then more film backs.
Then a Hasselblad 903 SWC.
Then a Nikon F-100.
Then a 4"x5" Pacemaker Speed Graphic.
More lenses
Then a 4"x5" Graflex Model D.
Then Grafmatic backs.
Then more lenses.
An enlarger
A drum print dryer
A Jobo processor
Two more 35mm cameras
Then a Tessina camera
Then a WideLux camera.

I used to be satisfied. Now I am an APUG member.