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Okay I finally went to play around with another split bath out of curiousity.

Image (quick colour balance), the sharpness and grain are pretty good for this film (made in Japan Agfa Vista 400)

Bath A
Pinch of Sodium Sulphite
CD-2 9g/L
Sodium Sulphite 9.6g/L
Sodium Bisulphite 0.54g/L

Measured pH 7.1

Bath B
Potassium Carbonate 50g/L
Potassium Iodide 1.4mg/L
Sodium Thiocyanate 220mg/L (Im sure my thiocyanate needs drying out too btw).

I have to say I'm more than a little bit impressed with your results, Dan. One question: What does it mean to have a pinch of Sodium Sulphite, followed by 9.6 g/L of Sodium Sulphite? (And how much is a pinch anyway?)

Also, I'm assuming because the PH is neutral, nothing much is happening in Bath A other than uptake of the chemistry? It is Bath B that slams it into gear?

I guess this would have to be tried on various film formulations to determine whether it could be trustworthy, but my goodness it seems at least with this film to be delivering credible (not perfect but acceptable with adjustment) color. Would be interesting to see what would happen with something like Ektar.