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On keh.com,
I go to the Hasselblad section and this is what they have: 44 bodies, 82 lenses, and 20 backs.
I go to the Rolleiflex section and this is what they have: 0 bodies, 3 lenses, and 1 back (polaroid).
We were discussing this in another thread. keh's inventory across several lines is down in the last 2-3 months. I don't think we came to a consensus as to why. I personally have never seen it this low, but I haven't been watching it for that long. In my head I actually had a shopping list made out and I watched pretty much all those items sell out recently. I don't know what the deal is with KEH and Hasselblad. I know that I was getting better deals on Rollei 6008i bodies and lenses on an auction site. And I got the normally expensive 645 rotating back for basically the same price as a regular 120 6x6 back in an auction. But for various accessories and parts KEH was the clear winner. I don't know if those prices were an aberration or what. Hopefully they will get more inventory in. But they will never have as much Rollei SLR stuff as Hassy... not even close.

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I am somewhat aware of the Rolleiflex SLRs and in what it offers. I do think that they are the better camera, in some ways, but I'm not looking for something innovative or cutting edge, but a reliable, easy-to-find, and not-too-large box camera, that does simple things.
As far as I know the Rollei 6008is and later models are pretty reliable. I haven't read any reports of anyone switching away from the system due to reliability issues.

I would figure out what you really need now and possibly in the future. The only reason I went on about the 645 thing is I traded up from a 645 camera. Unlike you I don't necessarily have a problem cropping. My issue was mainly the wastefulness. At these film prices I saw no reason to shoot 12 square frames and then crop most of them. If you aren't shooting that much 645 I would have to echo the sentiments of other posters and just say crop. By the way when you say you print "full frame" do you mean you include the rebate? I can see why there would be an issue if that is the case. I like rebates as well sometimes. Sometimes though you can't have it all.