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The whole thing is pointless. Gotta love the indignant posturing but the fact is that news is filler for ads. Journalism is so dead it wreaks. Truth is perception. Facts are now arrived at by consensus. Where have you people been?
So very true...he even references this very thing at the beginning of the article when talking about the Planned Parenthood quote. The percentages cited by the Senator were wrong, but no one checked the facts, they printed and quoted and gave the guy all kinds of air time. Even better, when confronted with the facts, his office just said they weren't interested in the truth anyway...that's the journalism of today.

I personally don't think there is a comparison between darkroom manipulation and digital manipulation...two different animals. But, in reference to the original post in terms of the darkroom being irrelevant...well, I think the author was only using that point because he's in the digital world where the darkroom is no longer used. I think it slightly amusing that he seems frustrated with the so-called lack of veracity in the images being published (due to their manipulation). However, maybe these images are the perfect match since the facts/news are generally manipulated as well.