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I pledged last week and can't wait to attend my first Photostock. Even if I never get a chance to go the fact that film lovers will be hanging out, shooting and printing makes me happy.
Jbridges - All us Photostocker's appreciate! Hope you make it up north. It is an amazing experience. It's a no pressure and quite fun time. I was looking through the gallery and found this image of Bill I took, a real nice guy and great artist. I had never been to Photostock and drove up the summer of 2011 after reading a thread on APUG re it, I was welcomed like family. Bill kindly invited me into his darkroom trailer where he mixes/devs his wetplate when he takes it on the road. I snapped this of him, a great artist who creates a great community. This Kickstarter is going to deepen our ability to share and more importantly SHOW ideas. As you can tell, Bill's trailer below, barely held the two of us and is not set up for enlarging, teaching, sharing. Learning better printing, chemistry, processes, in person in a facility that can hold more than two folks, is something that Photostock needs to broaden our learning/sharing! And most amazing, not only in one weekend a year, but year round! Hope to see you up north.

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C'mon APUG'rs, let's get this Kickstarter funded.....Bill is almost there!!!! Just that last push is needed....see the link below!

I know bills are coming due soon, but remember, if you pledge today, your credit card wont be debited till 3/13, when the pledge period closes, so keep that in mind! Below per the Kickstarter FAQ:

Q: When is my card charged?

A: If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged. That's why we call them pledges.

Another one from 2011...hope to see you all up north this summer, Andy