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How can I explain why my test gives me a satisfying shadow?

I hit 0.07 density 2 1/3 stop below 18%. That's a pretty satisfactory low density.

That corresponds to about 0.0079 MCS, this leaves room for a possible 0.0034 MCS flare.

I must assume that the difference between what you would expect from a 3.6% reflectance comes from effective underexposure due to a variety of possible causes; error in metering, incident meter not calibrated to 18% or maybe mechanical shutter speed problem. But it sure looks like I underexposed the test.

Which effectively gave me a good shadow placement.
I don't know. What I do know is that 0.0080 is 0.8/100 at speed point for a 100 speed film. You rated the film at 50. You've also hit this value 2 1/3 stops below meter exposure which is one stop higher than the 3 1/3 stops it should be and the shadow exposure is still one stop further below that.

But you shot the sun facing the target at f/16 at 1/250. Shouldn't that have been at 1/50 sec? So let's say the TMX has a speed of 100. That's a potential 1 1/2 stop underexposure. That's now getting closer to the shadow exposure value except that flare won't have the same effect as if the actual reflectance is lower.