Unfortunately I went in over my head and decided it was a splendid idea to dive into this shutter looking to fix the speeds. Would anyone happen to have any manuals or breakdown images of this particular lens to make sure I get everything back together correctly?

I've got basically the entire lens apart, and currently have the aperture back together and working, its just the rest of the assembly I feel isn't sitting flush and is binding somewhere. I think the spring that rests right by the aperture leafs is the issue. I'm curious if the spring is just supposed to be laying straight across or if it is supposed to form along the edge of the curve around the barrel? (second picture I think answers this question.)

any help with this topic is greatly appreciated. and PS, I have tried searching near and far without having to pay for a service manual.

I've uploaded a few images to help explain my predicament with the springs especially. In the second image there are 3-4 micro lever springs that I'm having trouble locating their resting spots.