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This developer would also solve the OP's problem. It lasts a long time (years) and is cheap. You can use it as a one shot diluted just before use. Easy and no mixing involved.
Thank you all for the discussion.

Gerald, I don't have a problem. I've been a happy user of ID11 for many years and I go through 5 liters fairly quickly. I was just curious about the "problem" Anchell&Troop mention about D76 (i.e. rise in alkalinity and activity) and wondered whether there might be a solution. Personally, ID11 has always worked consistently for me.

Recently I've started experimenting with home brews (simple MQ developers really) and after reading this: http://www.udmercy.edu/crna/agm/phenvitc.htm and seeing how the activity of commercial D76 remained fairly consistent over many months, I concluded that Kodak must have changed something in the original formula for improved consistency. So, if I *did* use the original formula, would I run into the "problem" said to be discovered by Haist in the 1920's and discussed by Anchell&Troop, was the motivation for my initial question.