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[...] besides being an absolutely solid photographer who knew every step of the process fully, he was a great writer and teacher, a conservationist, an activist, and not afraid to say what he thought. It's getting harder to be able to find /any/ of these qualities anymore. Where are all the icoloclasts these days?
And a talented pianist. Where are all the polymaths and Renaissance persons these days? In fact, a talented pianist first; his autobiography describes how that's what he was first trained for and got to near-professional proficiency. Being selfish for a moment on behalf of photographers, we are lucky he ended up changing careers and that we have his lifetime of pictures and writings left to posterity. Of course since Adams lived in the 20th Century, not the 17th, we would have a lifetime full of his performances preserved on tape for posterity to hear if he had gone on to be a musician of similar prominence to what he was as a photographer.