Hmmm. When I began, back in the late Bronze Age (mid/late 1950s), I believe I used Kodak Tri-Chem packs and then graduated to D76, Microdol (I'm thinking that was before it was the -X stuff) -- and Dektol for prints. Exactly how I arrived at that, I'm not sure; it almost had to be a Kodak product, as local stores were pretty well saturated with yellow boxes (and cans!) and not too much else. I pretty well drifted into color and lab processing (once i had a real job) for several decades. I did do a bit of LF B&W in the late 60s and early 70s during which I may have used HC110 -- can't honestly remember.

Then when I came back to doing some B&W here in the 21st C, I started with D-76. I see that as sort of the gold standard, practically every film maker mentions times for it; and using it is generally predictable. But simple practicality and economics caused me to switch to HC110, using 1+63 as a one-shot. I don't shoot massive amounts of film, and it tends to be in fits and starts, so the one shot from concentrate makes for much less waste, the concentrate lasts forever, and I like the results anyway. I have tried a couple of other print developers, but seem to be back at Dektol.

Hopefully if the unthinkable happens, I can find and use some other maker's equivalents.