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I bought a Kodak balance and started mixing my own developers probably D-76 and D-72. A photostore near where I lived sold Kodak chemicals such as Elon, hydroquinone and hypo.
Gerald - very interesting for me to imagine actually walking into a brick and mortar store to buy Elon. There were only two or three stores here that ever had that kind of supply and variety. One of them was not too far from where I lived and when I was very young my father would take me there with him nearly every friday night where he'd buy film or developer or paper. Unfortunately that store closed before I got into photography but I still remember the shelves and shelves of everything you could imagine.

As a chemist, did you ever find yourself wanting to try all sorts of developers over the years (staining, Crawley, etc) or did you basically stick with D-23/D-76/D-72?