Among other cameras:

Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa: I love this camera. To me, it is just the perfect size. I don't use the focusing wheel ever. I think the earlier Black Dial version is quieter than the "Color Dial" model.

Rolleiflex SL 35E: The entire series of these cameras is unique in that each model is markedly different physically and mechanically from the one that it replaced. About the only thing they share is a common lens mount. I like this model best, if you can find one with good electronics. The viewfinder is bright, and for me, the size is ideal. And of course you can mount a series of excellent Carl Zeiss lenses.

Rollei 35: This was my third real camera. I bought a 35T back in 1979 and shot the daylights out of it. I took five minutes to familiarize myself with how it worked, and after that never had a problem.

Nikon F2A: Old-school solidly built camera. The shutter is a bit loud, but who cares. Highly dependable and is very intuitive.

Olympus XA: Nice little camera and best used by someone with little hands.

Carl Zeiss Jena Werra 3: I've had a couple of these, and I like this one best. It has a rounded top deck with well-placed controls. The method of tensioning the shutter and advancing the film is unique and genius.

Konica III: A sturdy camera with trigger advance and an excellent f/2.0 lens. It has a large viewfinder and excellent rangefinder, and it's also a handsome camera.

Carl Zeiss Zeiss Ikon: This is my last entry, because I've overdone it. For me, this camera really works. I like that the body is thin (front to back). I think the controls feels well placed and easy to manipulate. The camera is extremely well balanced. Great viewfinder, although I had to replace the eyepiece cover because the rubber surround had torn (it's identical to the one for the Nikon FE). And of course, the great Carl Zeiss optics, although oddly enough my favorite is the Rollei Sonnar f/2.8 40mm lens.