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Where can we find Lens Testing "Objective Lenses" for the Richter Cine Equipment Model R-2 Reflex Auto Collimator that goes onto the Richter Model B Optical Test Bench?

In my quest for a convenient way to test lenses, I have found and purchased a Richter R-2 Auto Collimator. It did come with the Objective Lenses for testing photographic lenses up to 127mm in focal length. The second one of the two that I have has an "Objective Lens" focal length of 254mm, and it is rated for testing lenses up to the previously mentioned 127mm photographic lens focal length. I have photographic lenses up to 1000mm to be tested.

So, I am looking for both a Richter Model 121 500mm focal length test objective lens, and a Richter Model 123 2000mm focal length test objective lens.

According to the copies of the Richter literature I have, each test objective lens can be used with photographic lens focal lengths from 10% to 50% of the test objective lens focal length. So, the 2000mm focal length test objective lens can be used for testing photographic lenses from 200mm to 1000mm in focal length.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any places where I can make inquiries about availability of these lens testing parts for the Richter R-2 Auto Collimator?