I just started developing my own about three years ago, and I started with Legacy Pro (Fuji Neopan) just because it was cheap, and HC-110. Although I know the importance of sticking with one film and one developer, I knew that I couldn't do that until I made the rounds of exploring the possibilities. I'm just about finished with that now, having shot just about every format and most of the easily available films out there from the big three manufacturers, plus a few more. With developers, I've also checked out D76, Rodinal, Ilfosol 3, DD-X, and one-shot and replenished XTOL. My next frontier will be pyro at some point, but I've already been consolidating down my developers and settling on just Rodinal, HC-110, and D76 mostly.

I haven't done as much printing so far, so mostly I've stuck with what I've started with: whatever paper I've been able to get cheaply, developed in Ilford Multigrade. I have some unopened LPD and Dektol to check out soon. I've been completely self-taught in all of this, not discounting wonderful online resources.