Excellent photographs. Love both the portrait and your extraordinary photograph of the tunnel. I don't suppose you had any fear of getting run over?

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A good friend (Glenn Crosby, great photographer and then curator of the Ansel Adams Gallery) had driven up from Yosemite Valley to join me as I worked in the Wawona Tunnel. He photographed me using a Pentax 6x7 with a 45mm lens and Fuji Provia 100F film.

I planned the session for after mid-night so there would be little traffic. Traffic coming thru the tunnel could be easily seen, traffic coming the other way (from behind) could be heard long before it arrived. I think I moved the camera out of the way two or three times before getting the image taken, and once again when Glenn arrived. Taken on March 3, 2003 -- just shy of its 10th anniversary!

I used a Zone VI 8x10 with a Fuji W 300/5.6.
Tri-X rated at 200ASA F32 at 1.5 minutes
Developed in Rollo Pyro 20:40:1000, 70F for 10 minutes

The resulting image from my 8x10 is a scanned platinum print. I liked the little bit of wet pavement. I have another negative with car tail lights at the far end of the tunnel, but do not print it.