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I would like my digital shots to match my Portra shots in colour, but to do that. I need to shoot a colour chart on Portra, and make a profile for it. Profile the digital camera to get it to neutral. Then take that neutral profile and subtract the Portra profile from it, a lot of work!

Then that doesn't account for the masking effects, I'd rather just shoot Portra.

I wouldn't say inauthentic, I like the colour scheme of Portra, I wouldn't try to make it look like Portra for the sake of it, but for the sake of making it look like what I really really like.

And of course, I may want my work to match across cameras/mediums, I dont want to profile both and neutralise both, I want to stick to the Portra look. So I'd have to match everything else to that.
do you actually know how to do this? if so can you PM me some info? I have all the tools (scanner,lightroom,photoshop) that I should need but have no idea how to do that but would like to, I've created some slide film coloring techniques (by altering the time/temp of the color developer) to get some different color tones from chrome, and I would like to have the OPTION of knowing how to mimic that since E-6 is so expensive... (in comparison to Rodinal haha). Thanks.