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Which is the idea behind this. There are 62k members on here; imagine if they all chipped in ten bucks to guarantee a new emulsion be made. $620k right there. Take the IR film. It's not economical because R&D is high, the film is short lived, and demand is low. Imagine if they did a Kickstarter to cover R&D and the first batch, and then offered it as a conditional part of the ULF run each year. If enough people preorder it they do a run. Then you can let demand build back up and maybe it takes three years for another run to happen, but at least it's still available in some form.
I know that Ilford has some system where photographers pledge a certain amount and if there is enough demand they do a run, some of us are trying to get a run on 70mm PanF+ this year, however I don't know where this happens, I wish they would simply create an online sign up sheet with a deposit made as a pre-order, and if there isn't enough demand they refund the money? It seems simple to me, not sure why Simon hasn't just set up a site like that. Also technically like banks and such, if it's a 6 month wait on orders, they can make some % off the interest on the held monies which also helps them, it's a win-win.

Just my take on it all...