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Agfa APX 100 / 25 and Agfa Rodinal in 35mm.

They were the most practical and economical materials available to me at the time.

Agfa went out of business, as you know. I went on a frenzy and tried tons and tons of different films and developers, thinking it would take me to some place of higher knowledge. It ended up in a huge mess with terribly inconsistent results. A couple of years of difficult to print negatives. Then I ran across Tri-X and Pyrocat. Fine fine combination that I used together with FP4+ for a few years, until I started having developing problems. Enter Edwal 12 and Xtol, which is where I'm at today, still with Tri-X, but sometimes TMax 400 and FP4+ if I shoot landscape or something needing more resolution.

Today I feel as though I have a balance. I have learned to use my tools well enough that there are very few surprises for me come printing time. My process is reverse engineered based on the paper, and my waste pile in the darkroom is much smaller, making the printing more enjoyable, less wasteful, and less frustrating. The paper I circle everything around is the MGIV fiber, not the warmtone, although I do use it sometimes. With Ethol LPD replenished as developer, which is soft working, I need pretty bold negs to print well, so that's what I do. It's a lot of fun.
now that Rodinal is available again(Adonal), do you also use that?