Started out about 30 years ago with Tri-X, and D-76, sometimes a concentrate, but I can't remember what it was. The paper was an Agfa product, FB and glossy, in Dektol, I believe.
Moved on to HP5 and D-76 or ID-11 and Kodak papers. Always had some Panatomic-X on hand for special stuff, like cars, on which it did a beautiful job, which I believe I developed in Ilfosol.
Have now settled exclusively on HP5+ (70%), FP4+(20%), and a bit of Pan F (10%), developed in HC-110 or D-76.
Am getting ready to set up to do my own printing again, and have already pretty much decided on Ilford MG fibre based and their chemicals.
I'm not going to experiment too much more, maybe with a little infra-red, because I like the looks and usability of what I have and don't see much reason to change.