I'm not saying it couldn't work. All I'm saying is that I'd guess there might be more questions to answer and issues to address than simply being handed a one-time infusion of some cash. For example, the ongoing maintenance of a product line is a continuing expense over time. And a new product line would be a new continuing expense to be borne. Where that would pencil out overall is anybody's guess. A chunk of upfront money certainly couldn't hurt. But neither, I might guess, would it guarantee a new product.

As a smaller, more targeted project, maybe something like the funding of a new 220 roll film finishing machine would be a better proof of concept goal. I seem to recall the number quoted in 2006 for that as being somewhere around 300K GBP (455K USD). There were other ongoing expense issues for that as well (including large MOQ new top and bottom backing paper orders), but if Harman were successfully handed a one-time lump sum of half-a-million dollars for a one-time expense of designing and building a new 220 machine, who knows, it might fly.

And if that smaller project successfully flew, then further down the road, who also knows??

I'd certainly contribute my share of money.