Ballyhoo = web gossip...
The post war CZ and Jena /2 Sonnars would have used higher refractive index glass the pre war /2, the late CZ even higher.
So the post WWII should be better off axis than the pre WWII
But you would need tripod adapter in solid block of concrete and slow mono film in auctance dev to detect much difference between the /1.5 and /2, other then at /2 (and 1.5), difficult to get the slow mono film nowdays.

The single coating in a six air to surface glass lens with a hood gives a colo(u)r pastel water colo(u)r or lower contrast mono rendering that lots of people want, so the /2 or /1.5 lenses in LTM are climbing in $/, (as are the /1.5s).

Ive only got a Nikon HC /2 (LTM). a CZ /2 and several Kiev /2s and they are all nice lenses, don't worry about Bayllyhoo, a nice village for photos though.