1.Agfa APX 100, Ilford FP4+ & HP5+, Agfa Rodinal, Agfa MCP 310, Ilford Multigrade, Agfa Fixer.

2. Film, Ilford is the most readily available film in SA, and I can remember the Ilford brand from my youth when my mother worked at a news paper. Rodinal, I asked the shop keeper for B&W film developer, that's what he gave me. Agfa paper was cheaper than Ilford. The rest of the chemicals where all that was available.

3. Real APX went away (although I recently tried the Agfaphoto version) Tried Kodak's Tmax films (not readily available) Rodinal went away, tried Tmax developer, and started using ID11, found a supplier for Rodinal (RO9 One Shot), so now I use Rodinal and ID11. Agfa paper went away, switched to Ilford. Still use Ilford chems for paper. Ilford is the only company that has a decent (if any) range in SA, Kodak doesn't care and only sells C41 "consumer" film (No TriX!!!!!).

4. I still use Rodinal (bought from a supplier) and ID11, Ilford films I will by when I can afford them( I use Rollei/Maco films now), I use Ilford paper (or imported ADOX and Oriental), Ilford chems are used because there is nothing else in SA (NO KODAK CHEMS!!!!).