Hi Guys
Just joined and this is my first post. I will start with a problem i am having to see if i can get any help on the matter.
Have just completed a still life shoot on 10x8, thinking i could polaroid on 5x4 until i discovered you cant even get fuji instant anymore so i decided to go with my Rz67.
As i was shooting in london i sent off the first two 10x8 negatives to my lab. Bizarrely i was called an hour later by my printer telling me that the focus was falling away rapidly, now this was impossible as i had shot it on f45 !! It looked more like f8/11. We eventually decided that the front lens panel was slightly out so re set it. Confidently sending off the next negatives again i got on with the job only to be told again that i was getting drop out, though one of the negs which i shot at f64 was an improvement !! I know this must be something to do with my lens but how can a lens shooting at f64 come out like f11, the lens seems mint ! I normally use this camera for landscape work, and though it has never been infinitely sharp it has performed with a greater focal wall than two inches !!
The lens is a schneider symmar s 5.6 300mm.
Any comments would be appreciated, and thanks for a great site, cheers tobias

Ps luckily i backed all up on my linhof master 5x4 which is sharp as a knife.