LOL they have a sensor bar app for images to be blacked out, so it already exists...

My GF's reaction to this photo was "I mean... Why bother?" Regarding the whole process, and I agree why not just put her in water in the first place lol.

It's hard because, as a guy with little finances, I would love to shoot a nude model on say the Great Wall of China, but that would cost a lot and potentially get arrested, so if I had the skills I could just Photoshop it. But then it take the power out of it because nothing is real.

I dunno. I would still like a Velvia or Kodachrome or Ektachrome EPT which I love.

And yes Polaroid's are often unpredictable but you could creat some algorithm. You could even add a temperature/humidity scale so when you shoot you record the temperature then later input that into the filter to get your result.

of course you could always support the Impossible Project and shoot real Polaroid film (and Fuji peel apart) and hopefully soon the type 55 project out of Boston, super excited about that!


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