For sale is a near mint condition Hasselblad 501 CM with Zeiss planar "New C" 2.8 80 mm with Acute-matte focus screen, A12 back, waist level finder, original box, manual and blank warranty card.
I took about 45 portraits set up on tripod twice then put it back in box. It has been in the box all the time, even the camera strap has never been used. Tiny paint loss from tripod mount as you can see in the last pictures. I paid a lot more than what I’m offering it for, but circumstance dictate not to keep.

In addition, I have a number of accessories listed below. Condition for those is as noted.

All photos are from the actual item except where noted

I’d prefer to sell the whole thing as a kit – you’ll get a much better deal if you buy it that way!

Here are the accessories:

• A24 film back in EX condition (matching numbers), great for Portra 400 220 - $50
• Hartblei Magnifying hood 52 x 52 0 makes it much easier to focus - $125 (stock photo, but mine is same condition)
o The magnification factor is 4x
o Individually adjusted to the diopter eye
o Has a wide field of view without any obstructions
o Many say the optical quality is even better than the Hasselblad version
• Kiev 45 degree metering prism, EX+ condition, so you can easily meter on the 501CM - $80
• Vintage Hasselblad leather contoured strap, good used condition (stock photo) - $50
• Additional focusing screen, matte with diagonal split prism, non-Hasselblad - $35
• Markins tripod plate, NEW, model P60H - $50
• Bay 60 to 67mm filter adapter and UV filter - $25

Total value for all the items mentioned above: $1715

If you buy it all as a kit I’ll sell it for $1500! – Shipping will be $30, Paypal only, and I’ll pay the Paypal fees. Note: US only please.

I have a 100% positive feedback on eBay (markolw) and have also sold things here on APUG.