This is the first one, everything works as it should; no exceptions. It was overhauled by Mark Hama last year. I've put about 10 rolls through it since then. Nice bright finder. The feel of Contax precision on all the controls.
I believe it led a posh life before it came to me. There is hardly any brassing near the strap lugs, and the bottom plate shows virtually no sign of tripod wear.

When I got it, it had sat for a long time with a battery in it, which of course corroded the battery compartment — but Mr. Hama replaced the battery compartment during the overhaul. The battery compartment is new and absolutely pristine. Excellent contacts inside this Contax.

It works like new. This camera is truly a pleasure to use. It has THE nicest film advance, ever. A distant second would be the RTSII ... not sure why they changed it between the I and II. The I (this one) was a winner —but I digest.

Only reason I'm selling it is because I don't use it much since I got a 139Q ... This camera should be used; not shelved (IMHO) ... AND because I kind of need to thin the herd. My girlfriend not-so-subtly implied that I could stand to lose some camera-weight.

Let's say $180 shipped in the CONUS. Paypal only. I may consider trades / partial trades for Contax rangefinder-related items or Delta 100 film (135).