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hi michael

i was in high school, maybe 14 years old, maybe 13 ? i don't remember. my photo instructor gave us kodak rc paper and we used sprint photochemicals.
sprint film and paper developers, and speed fixer... they are made here in rhode island and are good stuff. the guy that started the company
was a photo chemical genius. i can't really say much bad about sprint developers and i have never stopped using their fixer. the developer is
sort of like d76 and doesn't blow highlights when over processed. i have used it off and on for a long time with no regrets.
i used that throughout highschool and for 7 semesters in college, i used primarily seagull blue box paper, graded, and a little vc, and some kodak rc paper to proof. i also used a few boxes of kodabromide for personal book binding projects. it was single weight and graded and worked great.

i used them because it was all i knew. after college i apprenticed with a photographer who opened my eyes. after i used different papers, mostly ilford.
dektol developer, and dk50 as well as sprint film developers in deep tanks 1-shot for sheet film.

i eventually experimented a little bit with other film and paper developers, mainly because i had nothing better to do. when tmax / tmax rs came out i used them, i used xtol
and when i ran out of $$ i started to use a can of gaf universal i found in a window of a studio i was renting. it worked great, and when i realized i couldn't find it in the stores
i was told it was ansco 130 so i started to use that almost exclusively for film and prints. i really saw no other reason to use anything else ... until whitey emailed me
the recipe for caffenol c. i used it by itself and eventually dropped about 1oz of paper developer into it ... close to 7 years ago and haven't really done much else.
once in a while for commission work i will still use sprint film developer or ansco 130, but don't use much besides the coffee and a130. for films ..
i use whatever film i can find, and am not too particular.

if i ever get sick of the coffee and a130, or if the formulary stops making glycin, i will probably go back to sprint.
Is that true? Is Ansco 130 really GAF Universal?


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