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1.Agfa APX 100, Ilford FP4+ & HP5+, Agfa Rodinal, Agfa MCP 310, Ilford Multigrade, Agfa Fixer.

2. Film, Ilford is the most readily available film in SA, and I can remember the Ilford brand from my youth when my mother worked at a news paper. Rodinal, I asked the shop keeper for B&W film developer, that's what he gave me. Agfa paper was cheaper than Ilford. The rest of the chemicals where all that was available.

3. Real APX went away (although I recently tried the Agfaphoto version) Tried Kodak's Tmax films (not readily available) Rodinal went away, tried Tmax developer, and started using ID11, found a supplier for Rodinal (RO9 One Shot), so now I use Rodinal and ID11. Agfa paper went away, switched to Ilford. Still use Ilford chems for paper. Ilford is the only company that has a decent (if any) range in SA, Kodak doesn't care and only sells C41 "consumer" film (No TriX!!!!!).

4. I still use Rodinal (bought from a supplier) and ID11, Ilford films I will by when I can afford them( I use Rollei/Maco films now), I use Ilford paper (or imported ADOX and Oriental), Ilford chems are used because there is nothing else in SA (NO KODAK CHEMS!!!!).
What did you think of the AGFAfoto version? Is it similar?


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