Hello everyone,

Years ago I attended a wonderful workshop in Toronto by Nicole Boenig McGrade when she introduced APUG to us. I've been lurking now and again but since my photography never took off, I never signed up. I've always been interested (an understatement) in analogue photography but never worked on it much so I thought I don't belong here. Nicole told us that she learned a lot here and I can see why.

I am one of those people who 'grew up holding a camera' but never developed the skill because 'holding' never seemed to turn into 'pressing the shutter' much. Aside from the initial infatuation with immediate gratification of digital, I realized how highly non-fulfilling it is so I returned to film and very happy about that. I'm still in my comfortable, lazy 'holding the camera' pattern but I'll try to overcome that once and for all. I read a lot, sign up for workshops, go to lectures and exhibitions but for one reason or another seem to lack the confidence to go out there and shoot. That's why I'm here. I played with Holga lately and had lot of fun. I also have Nikon F3 and half-functional Yashica Electro 35. I would love to learn more about medium format cameras and printing.

I live and work in Toronto. English is my second language so if I sometimes sound less than coherent, it's most likely because of that.

Thank you all for fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere! I'm looking forward to being a part of it.