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Is that true? Is Ansco 130 really GAF Universal?


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hi stone

no it really isn't the same developer. it appeared in the photo lab index and seemed like a good candidate ( as does ansco 125 which has times &c for film as well as prints )
i was send a formula for what was later listed as ansco/gaf universal, but i don't have it handy ( will have to search my emails for it ! )
from what i remember when i compared the 2 formulas the universal and 130 were very close ..
130 won't let you down, it can be a bit contrasty depending on the lighting and situation, but you can do a test roll and figure out
how to agitate it, or dilute it to suit your needs ... i usually do 1:10 @72 for about 8.5 mins ( sometimes more concentrated, sometimes less im not too careful )
and the negatives a nice snappy look to them.

like with everything, suggested dilutions and times are a starting point, you need to tweek things to suite your needs

have fun !