Well, here are the results...

I'm underwhelmed.

First, this concoction is really foul smelling - and I've been doing darkroom work for almost 30 years

Second, it looks like I either did not have proper ingredients (while mixing in vitamin C after soda, there was no foaming!), or my dev. time was too short.

In the Caffenol cookbook I found times of 13-14 minutes (for manual processing), so I used 12 minutes at 20 deg. C, since for rotary processing I usually reduce dev. times by 15%.

I souped one 40 ASA and one 100 ASA negative in the same drum: 40 ASA is underdeveloped, but salvageable, and 100 ASA (EFKE), is almost totally clear. Waaaay underdeveloped. So, Whitey's time of about 20 minutes might be closer to the mark for me and my 100 ASA negs.

But, after thoroughly washing my tanks with detergent, they still kinda smell of that foul instant coffee Phew!

Well, my curiosity is satisfied, and I'll definitely stick to Rodinal and Xtol