I have just purchased a Bessa R2 and although it's probably a bit too early to sing it's praises, the first impressions are very good. The Bessa R2 and the new Leica MP appear to have an almost identical specification. The Leica will be built to a better standard than the Voigtländer, but that doesn't mean that the Voigtländer is not a well made solid feeling piece of kit. For me, at 20% of the price of the Leica, there is no choice.

The only negative point so far, is that the shutter is more noisy than I expected, but not as bad as a typical SLR.

The top film speed setting on the Bessa R2 is 3200, for the Leica MP it is 6400. Neither have separate exposure compensation so you may have to think a bit harder when rating films at high speed depending on how high you go!

I also considered the Konica Hexar but eventually decided that excellent value for money that the Bessa represented could not be ignored. Don't forget you can use Leica L and M mount lenses with the Bessa R2.